Water Activated Lube. Stays On. Stays Slippery. Even in Direct Water.
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A Review of Shower Jerk by Sex With Emily:

“So you’ve got the toys.. Now let’s talk lube. For most lubes on the market, the shower is like the Bermuda Triangle. It disappears into the mist, leaving you with a pretty rough ride. Sure, you could use soap.. Or you could try a lube that was specifically invented to make your shower session superbly slippery and extra enjoyable.

This miracle stuff that I speak of is called Shower Jerk, and IT. IS. AMAZING. It is silicone-based, water activated, and will seriously last as long as you do. As long as it stays wet, it will go forever.”

See Review here: http://sexwithemily.com/steam-up-your-shower/



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